June 2, 2010


I’m a committed skeptic towards the concept of benevolent corporate benefactors, but Adult Swim have consistently demonstrated a creativity and foresight alien to the major label morons who bring me both kinds of rap: Acne Cream skinny jeans rap and Gold Doubloon-tossing yacht-hop. Admittedly, the ATL Rmx project was scattershot, but whatever blunted executive decided to pair El-P and Jeezy, and Gucci and Flying Lotus deserves a Nugrageous bar (they really sell these here).  Since Lotus has been their go-to-guy since they tabbed him for the bumper music played between shows, it’s unsurprising that they’d select him for Week 3 of their 8 Singles, 8 Weeks series. What is novel is their decision to pair him with Killer Mike, who I imagine is not aware that the Low End Theory is anything more than Tribe Called Quest’s best album (sorry Midnight Marauders fans).

What works about “Swimming” is that Lotus understood that a beat dramatizing mutant cyborgs storming a spaceship would’ve only caused everyone to roll their eyes and mouth the “h” word (hullabaloo). Flashing a versatility that occasionally leads to diffuseness, Lotus plays to Mike Render’s strengths– aiming for the second side of “Stankonia” with sinewy falsettos, Soda Popinski-staggering drums, and greasy synths. I personally prefer the Old Testament Mike when he seems like the second coming of Willie D, but he acquits himself nicely, continuing the stellar run he’s had since signing to Grand Hustle at the top of the year (see the songs bel0w). And even if T.I. is hooking him up with what’s left of the ATL fortune, it’s heartening to see Mike getting that Turner Broadcasting money. I’m sure Ted Turner has had his share of “Fendi Freaks.” –Weiss

MP3: Killer Mike (prod. by Flying Lotus) – “Swimming”

MP3: Killer Mike – “Don’t Fuck With U”

MP3: Killer Mike – “Guru Salute Freestyle”
MP3: Killer Mike ft. Ludacris & Game – “Still My Nigga”

MP3: Gucci Mane ft. Killer Mike & Drake – “Street Cred”
MP3: Pill ft. Killer Mike – “Westsiders”

MP3: T.I. ft. Killer Mike  – “Ready Set Go”

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