June 21, 2010


Prior to becoming a label, Hyperdub was a webzine that published some of the finest writing on the web. Though it’s glory days occurred well before everyone had a blog, then a Twitter, then a Tumblr, then a migraine, the influence of web culture is everywhere in Kode9’s DJ Kicks compilation. Like everyone else capable of discussing the nuances of Usershare vs. Rapidshare, Steve Goodman’s listening habits never stay static, bouncing from style to style with little predictability other than a dedication to everlasting bass (word to Rodney O & Joe Cooley). It’s no wonder that the subtitle of the Hyperdub compilation was “5 Years of Low End Contagion.”

Those fawning over the truffle-laced terrorist chic of Maya’s new record might be well served to spend time with Kode 9’s survey of UK Funky, grime, space-age R&B, and dubstep. It’s an apt shorthand for a large swath of London bass music. If that sounds like strange gibberish, then this interview with Kode9 at Pop & Hiss may suffice. He’s a professional.

MP3: Kode9 – “You Don’t Wash (Dub)” (Left-Click, E-Mail Required)
MP3: Kode9 – “You Don’t Wash (Dub) (Martyn Remix)

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