June 24, 2010


Granted, it’s not nearly as good as a new Madvillain record, but my long-promised Madlib feature hit newsstands today — complete with anecdotes about smoking blunts of Lucas Valley Haze, falling out of chairs, and about a half-dozen blown interview appointments. Hopefully,  I’ll post the full Q&A transcript at some point in the next week, because the wisdom of the past is the light of the past…the light which is to be the wisdom of the future…the light of the future casts the shadows of tomorrow. Like anything Madlib related, this makes a lot more sense if you’re high.

Tunes courtesy of Lootpack’s rare debut (at least prior to the Internet), the Psych Move EP. 

LA Weekly: The Madlib Mystique

MP3: Lootpack – “Psyche Move (Original Mix)”
MP3: Lootpack – “Attack of the Tupperware Puppets”

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