June 26, 2010

When we last left the Diplomats, Jim Jones was performing off Broadway, Juelz Satana was all about Ed Hardy knockoffs and Cam’Ron was in the throws of a deep Youtube addiction. Since then, they’ve apparently kissed and made up (No homo, of course) and now the blogosphere is all hot and bothered about the group’s first official reunion on wax (or more likely, on mediafire). The verdict? Not bad. While Aarabmuzik’s drums have all the kick of the French soccer squad and his trance synth isn’t quite The Heatmakerz’ chipmunk soul, it’s impossible to deny that these guys have chemistry. Jimmy is still an adlib machine, Cam’ron gives Steady B his highest profile name-drop since Soul on Ice and Juelz thankfully leaves the Skull Gang at home. Not quite as dope as Vado’s Large in the Streets but this is the rare 2010 internet-hyped rap “moment” that doesn’t feel like a corporate construct so I’ll gladly take it. Now if only State Property would record a damn rap album.

MP3: Dipset – Salute
(Via Nahright)

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