July 5, 2010


The El-P remix of Justin Bieber has caused me to squander valuable time deliberating which unlikely combination and sampled “Bitch” hook is superior. As this is the Internet, people will pretend that it is not a legitimate question, but it is. There is no way that a Too Short, E-40, and 50 Cent album could not go gold off the strength of sales to weed dealers aged 18-45.  A Justin Bieber and El-P full-length would probably deserve to be pelted by rotten squash covered in mayonnaise. If people were inclined to throw squashes (I just discovered people actually play it).

E-40 wins the verse of the month, even if this song was released in March. He is 42 years old, which makes him the rap equivalent of Nolan Ryan putting Robin Ventura in a headlock. If Drake was Robin Ventura. If you’re keep scoring at home, that would make Too Short, Rafael Palmeiro.

MP3: E-40 ft. 50 Cent & Too Short – “Bitch Remix”

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