July 5, 2010


Image via XLR8R

El-P utilizing McCartney’s “Live and Let Die” to remix Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” to create the most expensive song to legally clear of all-time. Earlier drafts surely included samples of “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” and “Vogue.” This song’s existence is owed to a Twitter in-joke between El-P and XLR8R magazine, involving the Beebs and something called “UK Funky,” which has nothing to do with the dance music sub-genre. I owe someone words on Jamie Meline’s third megamixx (not sure who yet), but in the meantime, there is this, which sounds to me like what would happen if Hyperdub decide to release teenybopper music. The all-consuming influence of dubstep is there — just barely — but mostly, it’s El-P’s genius at tar and feathering tracks that makes this able to sound grimy and poppy all at the same time.

This is the sort of thing that Rusko would pay attention to if he was going to have a chance of not fucking up the Britney Spears record. Not that I would listen to it anyway. I am rockist and a reactionary and a recidivist, even if I’m not sure what the last one means. At least, this is what Coke Machine Glow tells me. If you’ll excuse me, I will now spend the rest of my 5th of July Holiday rifling through Take That records. I am a boy band purist.

MP3: Justin Bieber – “Baby” (El-P Death Mix)

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