July 13, 2010


Back like cooked Cav. Almost. I write this from several miles in the air, in front of a guy asking to borrow my copy of US Air magazine, next to a trio of teenagers flipping breathlessly through Life & Style. I have apparently not been keeping up with the Kardashians, but I know that Derek Fisher has a place forever reserved in my ice cold atrium and Lebron James spent his youth playing Sega Genesis with Game Genie.

The latter observation came to me via musician/sage/cookie baking savant, Disco Vietnam. There’s a harangue in here, but this isn’t a basketball blog and Straight Bangin’ already did the dissection. While I’m on topic, I’ll also point you to Joey’s Big Boi review, which is definitive and saves me the four hours it would take to re-word his appraisal.  According to my fast-failing computer, I have 22 minutes left to type and since I’m headed back to LA, I may as well round up the latest in Low End.

Granted, my stannery is well-documented towards the un-quantized Vallhalla operating in Lincoln Heights, but there are good reasons for it. In my stoned rambles through my hometown, I have yet to find another place that unites the cities far-flung demographics. All the types of people that Phife name-checked in “Electric Relaxation,” which is from Midnight Marauders, but the point stands. Lax weed policies, affordable 24 oz. Fat Tires, and bass heavier than Glen Davis at a pie eating contest. The latest podcast features D-Styles and Asura, the latter of whom you probably have not heard of, but you will–as he is about 14 years old, and along with Shlohmo, Baths, and JonWayne, constitute the forefront of the baby-faced beat junkies.

Also, new videos from Take and that Lotus guy, who is not to be confused with his low-budget jamelectronica equivalent. Plus, a clip of Gaslamp bugging out in Paris, Sarkozy-style.


MP3: Low End Theory Podcast XVI-Asura & D-Styles

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