July 21, 2010


Don’t get it twisted: any links to local MTL content on my part shouldn’t be construed as tokenism or back scratching. These days, I’m just as likely to be inspired by a local DJ throwing down tunes as the headliner he’s bringing in or the latest micro-genre to hit the net. Foodies love to talk about local organic produce: I’m on the same steez and I’ve found far more to enjoy in MTL DJ sets than the latest publicist induced blog hype in 2010.

That said, it’s always dope when hardworking local artists and online recognition collide and Montreal producer Bowly has been on the receiving end of a boatload of praise this year. With an upcoming release on Berkane Sol and a devastating set at Montreal’s Mutek festival (reviewed by yours truly), the stars are lining up for this guy and I can’t think of anyone more deserving. The aforementioned Mutek set is an intense, high energy collection of original tunes created specifically for the event. Best heard on a high quality system for maximum effect, it’s definitely on the party rocking side, outshining practically every big name DJ’s mixes that night.

MP3: Bowly – [email protected] (Mix)

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