July 22, 2010


We call this one “Let Me Put My Rhythm In You,” and we mean it. Really. Let us do that.

Download: Let Me Put My Rhythm in You

Andrew’s words:

During my last week helping a local civic group clean up the Gulf coast after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, I decided to use my abilities to greater use than mere feather cleaning. So I jumped into the Atlantic Ocean, with nothing more than a tank of oxygen and a bag of Skittles (which are excellent for bribing any potential sharks with), and vowed not to stop until I capped that damn leak by myself. Unfortunately, I became disoriented in the water and almost drowned, if not for the help of some helpful mermaids (and one merboy).

As a means of helping me recuperate, they played me a mixtape of their favorite music from “land.” Then we all danced and banged on clamshells. It was exactly like the Little Mermaid, but hypnotic fun-kayyyyyyyyyy. When I returned to my life as a bipedal air-breather, I was determined to recreate what I could remember of that fabulous mix. So I enlisted amateur marine biologist (and Grade A bad ass) extraordinaire Jeff Siegel to help me, and this the result. Two hours of sweet, sweet sunset-drinking, wave-watching digisex.

Jeff’s words:

There’s no excuse for spending a lovely springtime in religious study, playing several-day-long soccer games, and generally horsing around with the mad, brilliant orthodoxy, seething with rage at a world that passed us by long ago, so I won’t make one. But, were our foolproof plans for the following summer to go as we’d hoped–were we, indeed, to become the conquering, blue-flame-bright heroes we had expected to become–this was to be the soundtrack to the demise of our faceless enemies. That it didn’t might be fine for them, but I still can’t sleep. The fact that my collaborator in this project, “Andrew Casillas,” was of enemy extraction, but still of an oppressed minority within, would have made it all the sweeter. You should have been there.


Disc One*
1) Cluster & Eno – “Schöne Hände”
2) Café Tacuba – “13”
3) Memory Cassette – “Surfin'”
4) Los Espíritus – “Pacifico-Atlantico”
5) Mark E – “Smiling”
6) A Tribe Called Quest – “Electric Relaxation”
7) Emilio José – “Rio Grande do Sul”
8) Hoahio – “Jellyfish”
9) Pérez Prado & His Orchestra – “Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom”
10) El Guincho ft. Julieta Venegas – “Mientes”
11) Horace Andy – “Money Money”
12) Loop – “Mother Sky”
13) Andrew Paine – “The Radioactive Cat”

Disc Two
1) Los Amparito – “Los Miradas de Magaly”
2) Fantastic Mr. Fox – “Bricka-Brac”
3) Actress – “Hubble”
4) Glissandro 70 – “Bolan Muppets”
5) Prissa – “Lógica”
6) Joyce w/ Nana Vasconcelos & Mauricio Maestro – “Metralhadeira”
7) The Meters – “Cissy Strut”
8) Natalia Lafourcade & Emanuel Del Real – “Diente Blanco, No Te Vayas”
9) Four Tet & Rothko – “Rivers Become Oceans”
10) Illum Sphere – “Psycho”
11) Madame Mboty Mamy & dit Mama Tsara – “Maman Ny’Lisa”
12) Juana Molina – “El Perro”
13) James Ferraro – “Blacktop Tumble Weed”
14) Santo & Johnny – “Sleep Walk”

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