July 31, 2010


We usually try to save major posts for the work week but I’m getting ready to bounce for a month on some much needed R&R and felt compelled to big up the new Kingdom EP on Nightslugs before it becomes old news. Hailing from NYC (which apparently still produces music) via Boston, Kingdom’s sensibilities land somewhere in between club ready Hip-Hop, futuristic R&B and off kilter House music. Which is to say the tunes on his EP sound like early Timbaland with a mean-streak, sans emcees and a few extra drum kicks thrown in for good measure. I’ve been mildly obsessed with show-stealer “Fogs” since I heard the EP but there’s plenty to love here as Kingdom retools urban music’s best tricks of the late 90’s into an altogether new alchemy. As a devout East-Coaster, it’s always nice to have some dark, percussive precision to offset the wonderful wonky California haze that’s taken all the glory in recent years.

On the other hand, it makes you wonder what this guy is doing producing instrumental music in Hip-Hop’s supposed capital. I already went in on the tumblr, but to reiterate: there is no good reason for the Diplomats to be rocking cheap-ass Aarabmuzik trance-rap beats when this guy is exploring nominally the same ideas but with far more attention to detail and craft. You get what you pay for. In any case, one of the strongest releases in a year full of strong releases in Bass music: check out the Fact Mix and extra vids after the jump and consider dropping a few bones on it. –Sach O

MP3: Kingdom – Fact Mix
Kingdom -That Mystic [email protected]


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