August 9, 2010


I suppose I should have a Tumblr to post two sentence posts about arcane songs to flex how well I can dig. Google search is the new crate-digging. I learned that on Twitter. Today’s revelation is that “Low Down, Dirty,” from the Slim Shady EP is my favorite Eminem song ever. It’s not that obscure of a song, but I suspect roughly 92 percent of this blog’s readership has not heard it. Yes, I use Zogby.

This point is subjective, but it can’t be completely refuted. “Low Down, Dirty” is the purest distillation of the Slim Shady persona, the most fun and unhinged, the most loose and manic. Listening to Recovery, it’s frustrating to see how rigid his schemes and persona have become. Whether you were down since he was a gleam in Proof’s eye or whether you’ve never heard this, it’s worth another listen or ten.¬† Even if Marshall really did steal everything he knew from Cage and the Outsidaz.

MP3: Eminem-“Low Down, Dirty”

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