August 13, 2010


Rae’s always conceived rap as an episode of No Reservations. He is the Chef, after all. And it is conceivable that Anthony Bourdain may have ingested more illicit substances than Rae–even factoring in this photo. So we go from Caesar’s palace eating salad (presumably Caesar), to nights out in Egypt eating wild rice. A series of vivid travelogues sutured together by a chubby general smoking broccoli and controlling businesses. Trying to keep the legacy strong, and succeeding.

EMI and Ice Water have opted to attempt to milk last year’s Linx sequel for even more cream. Though it’s tacky, I won’t argue with the Corey Woods getting dollars for trees. For those landlocked on a summer weekend, “Travel Places” manages to make the familiar seem exotic.

MP3: Raekwon-“Travel Places” 

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