August 13, 2010


One more for the road. Sun Araw, arch-rival of the real Son Raw,  leaks a track from his forthcoming Woodsist EP, that continues to find him submerged in his blunted wobbling Jungle Cruise vibe. I’ve already expounded at length on Cameron “Sly” Stallones, so need for regurgitation. This is strictly for the narcotically inclined, and those with ancient attention spans capable of withstanding 7 and a half minutes of dub-inflected dirges. Snoop Dogg, Madlib, and several Low End Theory luminaries all frequent one particular dispensary in Eagle Rock. It is apparently the holy grail of weed spots. Sun Araw calls Eagle Rock home. I assume this is not a coincidence.

MP3: Sun Araw-“Last Chants”

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