August 18, 2010


Joey Lestrat, the guitar-strapped, vampire slaying alter-ego of Al from Knux has created a Bandcamp page to showcase his garage-rock psychedelic side project and archive old episodes of True Blood. With the new old Camu Tao record, Lupe Fiasco’s Japanese Fiasco, B.o.B.’s American fiasco, and the cheesy whine of Kid Cudi, rap-rock is the new rap-rock. But for what it’s worth, Al’s project is the best of the bunch. Probably because Lestrat doesn’t rap, he knows how to play instruments, and his musical reference points extend past Weezer’s Green album.

Granted, I prefer Win Butler singing lullabies to most of the trite tripe that rappers try to do when they’re getting “eclectic,” but Lestrat is legitimate. The vampire fixation is weird, but psychedelics will do that to you. And it’s a pleasure to see psilocybin having a salutary effect, rather than whatever it did to Blu. Whatever happened to him. I’m guessing he has a rock project too.

MP3: Joey Lestrat-“Touch”
MP3: Joey Lestrat-“Like a Dog”

Steam: Joey Lestrat-Trip Food @ Bandcamp

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