August 24, 2010


While it may occasionally seem otherwise, self-promotion is my least favorite task, which makes the notion of promoting shows anathema to me. However, I continue to do it because like the Mothers of Invention, I am only in it for the money. Sometimes, when all things are factored in, I can make $7 an hour. We getting that Ramen money in 2010.

Thankfully, the vigilant Shilo of Dancefever 5000 (and RA) has done a blog post on Off the Books, the night at the Downtown Independent that I am throwing alongside downtown Leeor Brown of the great Friends of Friends label. Advance tickets can be purchased for $12; the Facebook Event page can be found here. In case you were wondering, the event is named after the Big Pun and Beatnuts song. Thus, nothing can go wrong–barring an unforeseen heart attack.  I’d tell you to save the date (Sept. 26), but no one plans their schedules a month in advance. Which is all the more reason why you should be different — Dov Charney wants it that way.

MP3: Mount Kimbie-“Field”

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