August 26, 2010

With Sach still smoking the strongest bubble hash on the continent, we’ve been slacking on bringing the George Jetson futuristic shit. Thus, via London’s LV and South Africa’s Kool Kat (no releation to MC Skat Kat) comes “Boomslang,” LV’s take on the Kwaito House sound of South Africa. It’s Hyperdub’s latest single, which doesn’t drop until October 11th, but is probably already being circulated on dubplates all over the United Kingdom.

Continuing the theme of last night’s post concerning certain Interscope signees that I dislike because they are paltry imitations: I would like Die Antwoord if they sounded like this. And if one of their members wasn’t named Ninja and didn’t look like a meth addict from Breaking Bad.

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