August 30, 2010


Thanks to hiring a one-legged, but highly capable Moldavian hacker to break into the Alpha Pup server, I was able to swipe the first leak from Teebs’ forthcoming Brainfeeder debut, Ardour. Those six of you who enjoy my use of mythological metaphors and beats to gems similes, should head over there.  It is a Monday. All of you would be well-served to download “Arthur’s Bird’s” below. Despite my high hopes, it will not be the title song of the Russell Brand re-make of the Dudley Moore alcoholic epic. What can you do.

Between this record and the Dibiase, the extended Low End Theory clan is finishing up the year strong. For what it’s worth, Teebs gets my vote for the next breakout beat star from LA. I haven’t heard the full length yet, but the goon squad in Bucharest is working on it.–Weiss

MP3: Teebs-“Arthur’s Birds”

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