September 1, 2010


Gibbs and GZA played the Echoplex last Tuesday, and though Liquid Swords is officially my second favorite rap album of all-time (ATliens will always own the top spot), I think Freddie may have won the duel of the iron mic. Granted, I only caught the latter half of his set thanks to a fracas with security goons concerning an ill-advised attempt to bring in some prescribed medicine. Such is life. But I will say that proscribing weed from Gibbs shows is like banning Faygo root beer at a ICP concert. I digress.

There are a dozen new relatively anonymous groups who could use the attention, and hopefully I will write about them sooner than later. But Gibbs continues to massacre every track he raps on, so I feel compelled to share. I hear no one else this consistently excellent. Plus, Labor Day bonus — a Curren$y and Killa Kyleon track that proves that more producers should sample the tuba. At least, I believe that’s a tuba. Band was not my thing.

MP3: Freddie Gibbs ft. YP-“Something New”
MP3: Push Montana ft. Freddie Gibbs & Killa Kyleon-“Fa Sho”

MP3: Curren$y ft. Killa Kyleon-“4 Hours & 20 Minutes (Ride to H-Town)”

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