September 2, 2010


Is it me, or is 2010 completely flying by? Summer came and went so quickly that I only vaguely remember wishing that autumn were here, and that was only before I scared myself with the horrific mental image of rappers wearing peacoats. Though it’s technically still summer, September is here and– at least here in Seattle, where even the cops wear flannel under their Teflon– it’s about fifteen degrees cooler than it was last week. Skatterbrain, (run by Matthew Edwards, your favorite indie-pop blogger’s favorite indie-pop blogger), has stepped up to help assuage your Seasonal Affective Disorder with their September mix. Full of twee-leaning staples like Felt, The Spinanes, and The Lucksmiths, this mix is more-than-competent musical accompaniment for the changing of the leaves and if you want something more digestible than all the psych stuff I regularly post about. Dust off that American Apparel hoodie! Haphazardly tie that scarf! Break out those tweed walking caps! Fall is almost here!

Tracklist below the jump.

ZIP: Skatterbrain’s Monthly Mix – September 2010 (left-click)

01. Cinema Red & Blue “Ballad Of A Bus Stop”
02. Felt “My Face Is On Fire”
03. Cold Cold Hearts “Broken Teeth”
04. Ruby Falls “I Knew You When”
05. The Birthday Machine “Direction & Destination”
06. The Spinanes “Rummy”
07. Lilys “Elizabeth Colour Wheel”
08. The Pines “Kisses And Fog”
09. The Airfields “The Long Way Home”
10. Boyracer “My Town”
11. The Fauns “1991”
12. Scrawl “Disappear Without A Trace”
13. Henry’s Dress “Zero Zero Zero”
14. The Lucksmiths “If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home Now”

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