In the nick of time for Labor Day Weekend, Daddy Kev and Baths drop the 17th Low End Theory podcast. Ready for your day off, Kev kicks things off with a Ferris Bueller sample and enough heavy bass to wake Mr. Rooney out of his perpetual coma. Later Baths drops a set suffused with Cerulean and its remixes. Word on the street was that Gaslamp Killer and El-P were going to be featured on this podcast, but apparently things fell though, thus depriving the world of one of the best mixes of the year, but saving my head from exploding.

May your Labor Day be filled with strong drink, stronger weed, and the wisdom not to make illegal u-turns on the Sunset Strip when riding dirty.

MP3: Daddy Kev & Baths-Low End Theory Podcast XVII

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