September 8, 2010

Like fossil fuel shortages, rappers in the future will be hard-pressed to think up new ways to describe being rich. American manufacturing is dying and having “nanotechnology money” lacks the linguistic panache of being filthy oily rich. Brandon Davis money. The supergroup that will never come to fruition because Dan Auerbach can’t even make the video shoot joins forces to make a video whose greatest asset is that it was directed by someone named “Dickworth Dollas.” He is no Nathaniel Hornblower, but he has similar flair.

So that the fickle Internet will continue to remember his gifts at thinking up weed synonyms, Gibbs also made an appearance on Pollyn’s Shake it Out the Way remix EP. Because that team-up has so much corporate synergy for me, I am compelled to post it here. The Lobster Festival made me do it.

MP3: Freddie Gibbs ft. Chip the Rappers, Bun B, Dan Auerbach & Chuck Inglish-“Oil Money”
MP3: Pollyn ft. Freddie Gibbs-“Falling Out of Place”

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