September 9, 2010

My horrible puns aside, Appleblim’s impact on Dubstep and bass music over the past few years has been immeasurable. While former Skull Disco partner Shackleton got the techno love and Villalobos remixes, Appleblim veered a course towards looser, funkier and slightly lighter terrain planting him firmly in bass music’s sonic center. Think of them as Lennon and McCartney except with “She Loves You” as a cavernous drone of vaguely oriental tones commenting on the Middle-Eastern peace process. Since then, Appleblim founded a new label Apple Pips and released a volume in the Dubstep Allstars series which still stands as a high water mark for the genre: a dark, dubby but not inaccessible odyssey at a time when Dubstep’s wanton aggression was starting to infringe on it’s creative spirit.

The reason for all of this retrospective praise of course being that senor ‘Blim is coming to town and kicking off a new weekly bass music event in Montreal, namely Cartel Thursdays at Academy. With my fair city’s cup overflowing with DJ nights these days, I tend to avoid the promo game but exceptions must be made in the case of superior bookings and bringing over a left of center UK originator for your first show qualifies. I will be in attendance, signing autographs and mumbling to myself in the corner by the sub. For those on the fence or outside the area code, the customary artist mix follows.

Appleblim @ Cartel Thursdays 4445 St-Laurent Montreal

MP3: Appleblim – FWD/Rinse Mix 10′

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