September 14, 2010

DAEDELUS – TIDAL WAVES UPRISING from StrangeLoop on Vimeo.

Due to time constraints, I’m combining Daedelus’s latest video with the latest MP3 to leak from Teebs’ forthcoming and excellent Ardour, which is this year’s Nosaj Thing’s Drift. I.E. the Low End Theory cross-over album that will cross-over inasmuch as you can when you’re an American making instrumental music and unrelated to Alice Coltrane.

The British have taken to calling it Aquacrunk,  which I suppose is retribution for appropriating the name Georgia from our former colonial masters. Either way, it’s the most ill-inspired genre name since Wonky went unused by everyone except Nicki Minaj on “Monster.” The video above is done by the great Dr. Strangeloop, who is playing the Passion of the Weiss & Friends of Friends Extravaganza at the Peach Pit After Dark on Sept. 26.  Plus, an MP3 from Daedelus’ LA City X 6, which flips “Safety Dance.” If you’re keeping the box score, this makes Men with Hats the most unlikely act to have a resurgence next to Hall & Oates.

MP3: Teebs-“Why Like This?”
MP3: Daedelus-“Fates Say”

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