September 22, 2010


Don’t mind me. Words may be mangled and weird over the next 24 hours. Between the Furthur concert last night and the vocoder vaporization slated for later on this eve, my brain will resemble a level of feebleness typically associated with Adbusters writers. HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY ABOUT HOW HIPSTER CAPITALIST SWINE ARE MARRING OUR ONCE- GREAT NATION!?

I digress. Mount Kimbie, the two barely bearded British prodigies who are headlining the Fof and PotW All-Acronym Annihilation this Sunday night,  have assembled a mix for XLR8R. It features household names like Dam-Funk, Kode9, James Blake, and Zomby. And by “household names,” I mean for people who only leave the household when they’re zonked on molly trying to remember where they were in ’92. Mount Kimbie were not born much before 1992, but these kids are alright. You should come to the show. I can’t promise a Julianne Moore sighting, but Christina Ricci came last time–even though she disappeared before I had the chance to tell her how big of a Pumpkin fan I am. Alas.

Tracklist below the jump.

MP3: Mount Kimbie – XLR8R Podcast (Left-Click)
MP3: Mount Kimbie-“Field”

01 System “All”
02 xxxy “This Much” (Fortified Audio)
03 Mount Kimbie “Carbonated” (Hotflush)
04 Pangaea “Dead Living” (Hessle Audio)
05 Zomby “Test Me for a Reason” (Hyperdub)
06 Kode 9 “You Don’t Wash” (Martyn Remix)
07 Dam-Funk “How It Be Between U and Me” (Stones Throw)
08 El Fog “El Cloud” (Moteer)
09 Klaus “Tusk”
10 Scuba “Hard Boiled (SCB Edit)” (Hotflush)
11 Senking “Tar”
12 Blawan “Fram” (Hessle Audio)
13 Untold “Anaconda (Tribal Guarachero Mix)” (white)
14 Klaus “Neph”
15 Unknown “Unknown”
16 James Blake “Klavierwerke” (R&S)
17 Arkist “Only If You Mean It”

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