October 5, 2010

I still haven’t written anything substantive about Off the Books and probably won’t. Reviewing your own show is tacky and no one believes you anyway. There’s an innate Homerism to it that would shame Rick Monday, and I’m sure it will it bleed out in fractured phrases and maudlin reminiscences at various points in my life. If there was an underlying theme to the event, it was that the performer’s median age equaled Soulja Boy. Which explains Shlohmo’s “Pretty Boy Swag” remix and everyone’s tendency to utter the word “cut” at inopportune moments. From what I gathered, the general sentiment was that Kimbie’s performance embodied whatever “post-dubstep” is supposed to encompass. Beats adorned by crashing snares, cymbals, ascendant guitar chords, and the occasional gilded vocal. If they aren’t better than Blake, they’re the closest one.

Leeor Brown captured several of the moments — flipcam videos a week late do little justice to what went down, and my memory does little better. I started jotting a few notes into my phone but quickly lapsed into cliches involving the word “special” and “night I will always remember.”  Wisely, I quit typing and enjoyed the performances. The magic of YouTube has preserved a portion of the evening for posterity, so here are a few below the jump. While on-topic, it’s worth noting that Brown’s Friends of Friends Volume 3 hits stores (all three still standing) today, featuring PotW favorites Mexicans with Guns and Robot Koch. Tracks posted because everyone likes suffocating bass, Robots, and Mexicans.

MP3: Mexicans with Guns-“Icaros (Free the Robots Remix)”
MP3: Robot Koch-“Devil Drums (Alex B Remix)”

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