October 12, 2010

The Man of the hour, Mr. James Blake has a new video for the first single of his upcoming album. Douglas Martin tells me that it’s a Feist cover and I believe him because the alternative would involve listening to Feist in order to confirm that tidbit. I’m dedicated to this blogging shit but even I have my limits. In any case, Blake balances out his attempt at swaying the Starbucks set with his heaviest bass line yet and sparse beat that continues his tradition of doing a lot with very little. If anything, having a solid tune to work around actually helps him focus his craft around something tangible: whereas one could accuse his previous tunes of just floating around, this one is concise, direct and on point. Looks like Mount Kimbie and Dark Star will have some competition in next year’s “Post-Dubstep singer-songwriter jamboree”. I hear they serve punch and pie.

MP3:  James Blake – Electronic Explorations Mix

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