Sach O travels the untrodden path.

Fair warning: I will not shut up about LHF. Though I don’t have any particularly pertinent new information to add to my last write-up of the crew, I feel compelled to simply repeat my previous overarching points (only LOUDER). These guys are making some of the most exciting music in the world today and while I admire their dedication to a low-key subterranean aesthetic, everyone from Low End Theory heads to fans of classic boom-bap have something to gain by tuning in. Their new release The Line Path sounds better than a Lil B ambient album, trust.

Based on the above Youtube preview, the upcoming EP promises to be just as a heady as the first: Wu-Tang vocal samples, next level beats that do more than just approximate Dilla, hazy cosmic jazz, film score pianos…the works. Though probably of no interest to those seeking out conventional songwriting, anyone who enjoyed those Liquid Swords instrumentals Jeff put up really need to click “play” on the above video and give Amen Ra & Double Helix a shot.

MP3: LHF – BAPS mix
(left click)

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