October 22, 2010

It’s A Vandal Ting! Deep Dubstep And Dark Funk by Son Raw on Mixcloud

 Sach O’s evil twin Son Raw has no respect for property values.

Oh yeah, you didn’t think it was over, did you motherfuckers? You didn’t think you could get through another season without Son Raw dropping some more bassweight on all of y’all? Because if you did, you were sadly mistaken: shit just got real.

Oh yes. Contrary to your expectations, shit was not real before. It is now though.

Yes sir, I’m back in the house with another hour of hardcore beats and bass for the heads that know and this time I’m keeping it extra dark and gully. Nothing but hypnotic riddims and explosive percussion this go around: if you’re looking for colorful melodies and anthemic breakdowns, look elsewhere because Son Raw is taking you on a trip deep into the underground. Things kick off with personal favorites LHF with accompanying words by NY emcee Cormega (Son Raw’s ill on the sampler too ya know) before exploding into a lost Rusko dub, a Loefah classic and plenty more evil sounding shit from the deep to keep your subwoofers rattling. Don’t expect much wobbling either, I kept it one hunnid with nothing but the most original cuts out there, new and old.

The second half of the mix is a little more uptempo with a selection of dark, junglist UKfunky courtesy of Hyperdub records and a few other layers in the know. Forget party-house, we’re talking about beats to make your bones break with crazy syncopation and an underlying dread atmosphere worthy of the grandmasters. Trust me, I’m not about to go deep house on all of y’all no matter what Rinse is pumping these days. Artistic integrity is key in the house that RAW built.

So lace up your boots, light up your blunts and stream (then download!) the mix. It’s guaranteed to cure male pattern baldness, dislocated saliva glands and of course moosebumps. And be on the lookout for something special come X-Mas time too. I haven’t forgotten my reggae heads this year…

MP3: Son Raw – It’s a Vandal Ting! Deep Dubstep & Dark Funk(y)

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