October 25, 2010


Like their label mate Yelawolf, the Knux are classic rockers concealed as rappers. Many of their peers squander afternoons Ustreaming or scheming new combinations of “swag + random verb,” while the brothers from New Orleans post videos of Neil Young soundtracks for Jim Jarmusch flicks. They also have been known to inhale the great green Gorgon, or “Medusa” as the new slang goes. California voters limp to the ballot boxes next week and with the passage of Prop 19 looking Shakey, Krispy and Joey (formerly Rah Al Milio) have contributed the quintessential soundtrack for the lifting of prohibition — one that seeks salvation in the medicine of Devin the Dude and Bobby Zimmerman.

Don’t mistake this for cornball sloganeering. The word “legalization” is absent. In its stead are allegories dedicated to white lines, orange sunshine, and purple plants. It’s the flip side to a “D.A.R.E.” shill, without the need to patronize those who attended “Buddha Fest.” A bizarre ride worthy of Fat Lip –a packed pipe bringing psychedelic trips and sage advice. This song is not recommended for insurance salesman, 3rd grade teachers (art class excluded), and those consumed by their own shadows. Sample-free and played live. Krispy on synth. Joey on guitar and pianos. Somebody named E. Jesus on additional guitar and bass. And a shadowy figure named Taccoon on skins. In a year bloated by rock attempts from Bobby Ray and Lil Wayne, the Lindsay brothers remain the best rappers that rock. And like any good politician, they know how to stay on message. –Weiss

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