October 26, 2010

Sach O’s still promoting that Son Raw mix, bruv.

There are approximately 765 Bass music shows going down in MTL each week (give or take) and so I try to promote sparingly, reserving praise for the really real. Cartel Thursdays, last mentioned here when bringing in Appleblim, have become favorites of mine, presenting an alternative to the more straight-forward and aggressive sounds going on. Still an underground event, the night offers a spacious dance floor, cheap(ish) drinks, comfortable couches, a dark vibe and most importantly, badman DJs. A little birdie told me they’re bringing Joe Nice to town in November, a definite treat for those who like their Dubstep…umm…dubby.

One thing at a time however, this week they’re bringing in Roska, easily the breakout name in UKFunky (and a man not to be confused with Rusko). It’s his third time in Montreal since he got stranded here earlier this year because of that Icelandic Volcano absurdity, which I take to mean he likes our city. He’s certainly a good man to have on our side: with remixes for Katy B and Ms Dynamite, a weekly Rinse FM show and an album out on Rinse Eecordings, everything he’s touched in 2010 has turned to gold.

Case in point, his latest single with experimental Dubstep refugee Untold. A-Side Myth is the kind of abstract party-starting craziness we used to expect from the Neptunes before they jumped the shark, except pitched up a few BPM and infused with the UK’s signature bassweight. Combining Caribbean drums to a squelching undertow, it’s not so much the sound of the future as that of the present and it’s not hard to imagine Jay-Z (or T.I or Kanye) rhyming over something like this in the near future if they’re smart.

[email protected] Cartel Thursdays
Club H-OHM
4445 St-Laurent, Montreal

MP3: Roska & Untold – Myth (128KBPS preview)

MP3: Roska – Rinse FM 19/10/10

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