November 1, 2010


“The song is not the same when we’re all played out… played out..played out,” sings Daley, a recent recruit to Damon Albarn’s arsenal of primates. But though he’s released roughly one album a year for the last 17, the Gorillaz mastermind has artfully eluded overexposure, He keeps a reasonably limited media and online profile, except for when he decides to periodically rip celebrity culture and declare Glee “a homogenization of everything and it will ultimately lead to emptiness.” Between the success of the Gorillaz, his collaborations with Tony Allen, and the slow-burning brilliance of The Good, The Bad, The Queen record, he’s made the Blur vs. Oasis debate look dumber than Christine O’ Donnell equating Magic Cards to Satanic literature.

These are a couple reasons why Joker, the British “purple” prodigy remixed “Doncamatic” (plus, he probably got paid). At the moment, Liam McLean is far from played out. He’s hot enough that he reportedly inspired several costume ideas in parts of Brooklyn and Bristol. Unfortunately, most people mistook them for Cam’ron. On the remix to Plastic Beach’s fourth single, Joker again reveals his American inspirations. With the murky claustrophobia of 2006 dubstep as a base, he pulls from the sci-fi R&B of Timbaland and the smoked-out California slink of Dre. The result is something with enough groove to crossover and a monstrous lung-crushing bass that can satisfy those who seriously fret about the rise of “brostep.”–Weiss

MP3: Gorillaz-“Doncamatic (Joker Remix)”

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