Abe Beame has taken his talents at rounding up the best Tweets in and around the Hip Hop Community, to PotW. The slightly tardy nature of the post is attributable to a certain editor who is mired in a drunken post-electoral haze somewhere close to downtown Orlando.

This week the Hip Hop Community celebrated one of it’s most prized holidays: The beginning of the NBA season. Here are the highlights.

Bun B: Well I’ll be damn..look where I’m at..damn this is so Trill..shoutout to the homie Perk

Joe Budden: hey @cuffsthelegend , is THIS the team u got winning it all this year ???? Are we watching the same Miami-Boston game ???? lol

The Game: The world’s BEST basketball player…. Mr. Kobe Bryant (Derek Fisher voice) & dont you forget it hoe !!!

Peter Rosenberg: “White people hate lebron so much I think I like him again” — my friend indy….I feel the same way…

Lloyd Banks: NYK vs BOS tonight!I f*cks with the greengang,but I’ve been a knicks fan since a lil boy,Ny!!

Boi1da: Oden out for the season with a broken ear lol lol alright ima stop

Killa Kyleon: I ain’t Romo my nigga…ain’t no stars on my helmet. I’m Boston vs Miami..u think you gone win automatically just because & end up the loser

Big Boi: Matter of fact , forget about basketball , how about y’all get out and vote on Nov.2nd, now debate about that!!! Who u voting for?

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