November 5, 2010

Sach O can’t go on together…with suspicious minds!

Ignore the mugshot/album cover, N-Type is one funny dude. How funny? Funny enough to use a week’s hour and half of Rinse FM airtime to play nothing but 70’s and 80’s pop tunes back in October. From “Red Red Wine” to more obscure boogie funk, dude goes off the rails, manically adlibbing to his selection along with several accomplices. The James Bond theme gets rinsed, 80’s R&B gets wheeled up, ecstasy gets shouted out and the crew drunkenly sign off with Elvis Presley’s “Suspicious Minds”,  a tune very much in favor among the trapped Chilean Miner crowd. The overall vibe is that of a drunken bet gone wrong (which is to say, right) and it’s the kind of madness that North-American audiences can only wish for on their airwaves circa 2010. I trust it will make for appropriate weekend listening for our herbally lifted readers but it also makes for a great drinking game: each time you recognize a tune your parents might have made out to, take a shot to block that mental image.

In other N-Type related news, local badmen (and friends of the site) Komodo Dubs will be bringing him over next week for their first event since May. Presumably, he’ll be playing Dubstep and not pop tunes but I’ve urged organizers to make sure dude’s got a live mic for the duration of the performance for our comedic benefit. In any case, the show is not to be missed as it promises to hit that sweet spot between 201’s aggressive trends and the OG dark style Dubstep enjoyed by those above the age of 19. Bruk out moments guaranteed.

N-Type [email protected] Komodo Dubs
Saturday November 13th
Studio Juste Pour Rire
2109 St-Laurent.

MP3: N-Type Daily Mail Rinse FM Comedy Mix (left click)
MP3: N-Type Dubstep Mix live on Rinse FM
MP3: N-Type -Way of the Dub (Caspa Remix)

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