November 8, 2010


Sach O drums mechanical

In adition to showcasing a (metric) fuckton of new producers to the public, one of the unexpected benefits of the bass music explosion has been the increased attention given to formerly orphaned artists. From Daedleus to Shadow to RSD, a large swath of producers working outside of the critical spotlight are finding themselves elder statesmen for movements they didn’t know they pioneered in the wake of Dubstep and the Brainfeeders.

With his first release dropping all the way back in 99 and his new Many Faces EP highlighting a style in between LA’s Low End Theorists and the funkier side of London, Machinedrum is well suited for just that kind of second look. Armed with a strong 808 bump, tracks like “Mean Mean” once existed in a vacuum in between rap and nothing but sound strikingly contemporary in light of beat music’s light speed innovation. Elsewhere, electro, Miami Bass (rememer Miami Bass?) and a Bok Bok assisted Acid House remix keep things varied, making for a listener friendly EP likely to stay in rotation. Though nothing here reinvents the wheel, everything is circular and conducive to rolling, allowing me to fully endorse it, by wheel and/or electronic music standards.

MP3: Machinedrum – Mean Mean
MP3: Machinedrum – Carry the Weight (Bok Bok remix)

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