November 12, 2010

 Sach O thinks Kanye’s looking a little aggy in that picture.

Words on Kanye’s coked-out opus to come eventually but in the meantime, here’s a spoiler: dude is batshit insane and shows a total lack of restraint but arguably manages to pull off this year’s great overblown pop album. It may not be the kind of music I want to listen to on a regular basis but it certainly manages to achieve its aims. Sure, those aims include 3 minute codas but at least there’s no pre-fab Bruno Mars material or any attempt at bringing back New Wave.

For now, let’s take it back to simpler times with this Kanye produced Do Or Die track from early last decade. Say what you want about the man but he’s always shown love to his hometown, blessing Common, Twista and the aforementioned D.O.D with some of his best material. A breezy, laid back roller built on a Teddy Pendergrass sample, Higher is the kind of effortlessly catchy rap music that screams “real Hip-Hop” without corny nostalgia or cred-grabbing Pete Rock drums and it’s the perfect vehicle for D.O.D’s patented high speed pimp raps. Have yourselves an early G.O.O.D Friday.

MP3: Do or Die ft Kanye West – Higher
MP3: Teddy Pendergrass – My Latest, Greatest Inspiration

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