November 16, 2010

So this is essentially a Wiz Khalifa song. Yet I do not enjoy Wiz Khalifa, while the Universal-signed Jackie Chain is one of my favorite figures in the new weed rap Renaissance. Of course, there are peripheral concerns — the fall out from “Say Yeah” remains as toxic for me as a three-eyed fish in the Springfield River. But judging from the fact that Wiz can sell out 2,000 person theaters all across the country, I am one of the few who is not on-board (Sach included).

Jackie doesn’t rap about much more than diamonds, cadillacs, weed, girls, and Huntsville, but he knows how to sell every syllable. His character is less pose than mindset, one doubtlessly forged from being an outsider living in a city where less than 1 percent of the city is Asian-American. To paraphrase Chris Rock, I don’t know what sort of crazy shit he had to do to be down, but you can imagine. Or maybe just being charismatic and good at rapping was sufficient. After all, within his narrow lane, he’s fairly versatile–able to handle reggae wobble, downtempo trance dirges, and club bangers. Also, he brags about selling street pharmaceuticals on his Zack Morris cell phone–which never hurt anyone’s social mobility.

Of course, production from the Block Beataz and Burn One help. So does the fact that he is a half-Asian rapper named Jackie Chain, which rivals Earl Sweatshirt as the greatest rap name of the last few years. Maybe it’s merely a matter of a surplus of swag — though I am a committed swagnostic. Instead, I’ll attribute Mr. VIP’s appeal to his follicular prowess. Best hair since Boots? Plus, a Robert Miles sample will always stomp out one from Alice Deejay. Down below, a sampler of some recent exceptional Chain.  And yes, a mixtape called Kush Hour is apparently on its way, though I did not know that before writing this post’s title. Jackie Chain does not miss an opportunity.

MP3: Attitude ft. Jackie Chain-“Money”
MP3: Jackie Chain-“Diamonds & Cadillacs”

MP3:  Nate B, Kristmas, 6 Tre G, Jackie Chain, ST 2 Lettaz-“HuntsVille StarZ Anthem”
MP3: Jackie Chain-“Long Way” (prod. by Block Beataz)

MP3: Jackie Chain-“Stalker” (prod. by Block Beataz)
MP3: Jackie Chain ft. Tam Tam & Rudi Deville-“I’m There”

MP3: Jackie Chain ft. Kid Cudi-“Rollin’ Remix”
MP3: K.D. ft. Jackie Chain & FDP-“Talk Like a OG”

MP3:  Jackie Chain-“Tru Love”
MP3: Doobie Brothaz (Jackie Chain & ST 2 Lettaz)-“W.F.E.”

MP3: Doobie Brothaz-“565 Shit”

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