November 19, 2010


Seeing as though it’s 3 p.m. on a groggy overcast afternoon in late November, I don’t have all that much to say about Low Limit’s latest mix for Brainfeeder — save that it gets my vote of confidence. Previously best known for his work as one half of Lazer Sword, Limit rocked a solo set at the Off the Books show I put on in September, and was one of the night’s biggest surprises. He’s one of those dudes who epitomizes this generation of beat junkies. I assume Bryant Rutledge grew up a hip-hop head, probably got into Aphex Twin and IDM in the late 90s, commercial rap in the early part of the last decade, and has spent the last five years immersed in bass music, dubstep, and all the frayed fried synapses that accompany that fixation. This is why he’s kindred spirits with the Brainfeeders. That and the fact that he makes mixes like this.

MP3: Low Limit-“Brainfeeder Mix”

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