November 26, 2010


Dovetailing with its cellar dweller roots, the Low End Theory released its 18th podcast on Wednesday evening, just as everyone was leaving work and preparing to roll out their once-a-year use of the word, “tryptophan” (it just makes you feel smart.) For those familiar with Internet traffic patterns, this is officially the worst possible time to drop something. The night before Thanksgiving break is the time when you announce corporate downsizing, weak quarterly reports, or a minor molestation scandal involving a member of the clergy, a member of congress, and a lesser-known soprano from the band O-Town.

But the Low End crew’s latest podcast has nothing to hide–they bring the typical rampage of blistering beats, esoteric raps, and enough bass to slap you out of your slovenly haze. The ever-underrated Nobody and newcomer Jonwayne handle the proceedings. Keep your eye on the latter. From the looks of him, you’d think he was an unassuming jovial giant fit to school you on the intricacies of Alan Moore comics. In reality, he is one of the best young rapper/producer combos in the city, a dude blessed with a preternaturally husky baritone that belies superficial assumptions. Should he incorporate this clip into his next mix, I will petition to name an airport after him.

MP3: Nobody & Jonwayne-“Low End Theory Podcast XVIII”
MP3: Jonwayne-“Big Like Curby”

MP3: Jonwayne-“Infinite”
MP3: Mr. Dibia$e ft. Jonwayne-“Constant”

MP3: Mr. Dibia$e ft. Jonwayne-“Microphone Crime Scenes”
MP3: Mr. Dibia$e ft. Jonwayne-“Stick Ball”

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