And all he got was this stupid remix. In actuality, Krystal Klear received a stellar tweak of “Tried for Your Love,” courtesy of Hudson Mohawke, who Pitchfork described earlier today as a “purple philanderer.” I am only to assume that Kanye West’s favorite review emporium has inside information that the Scottish DJ/producer/member of the Iroquois Nation fucks unsuspecting co-eds wearing a Grimace outfit. Thus, casting an unflattering new light on the phrase, “Ima grip and sip.

Released earlier this year on Dublin import/export firm, All City Records, “Tried For Your Love” finds the Manchester-bred producer drawing on a funkmosphere’s worth of influences, layering iridian synth washes over Thriller-type drums — more evidence that Dam-Funk’s influence boogie fixation has spread across the Atlantic.  Of course, it may have never left — the name boogie allegedly comes from Norman Jay and other Anglo DJ’s who spun this type of record when I was watching Sesame Street.  Mohawke’s remix adds West End soul pianos giving it a Soul II Soul vibe.  Modern funk as reality more than mild optimism. Also, there is the offhand chance that Krystal Klear may be this person.

MP3: Krystal Klear-“Tried for your Love”
MP3: Krystal Klear-“Tried for Your Love” (Hudson Mohawk Remix)

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