December 2, 2010


File this under Danny Brown meets The Pixies meets grimy futuristic robot fight music. Somewhere on a hard drive slathered in hallucinogenic fungus lurks the files that The Hybrid cut with the Johnson and Jonson crew (Mainframe and Blu). I don’t know the origins of this track, but I’d bet it was cut during Brown’s 2008 psychedelic sojourn through the Southland–sessions that also yielded “Dilla Bot Vs. The Hybrid,” his breakout track on last year’s Jay Stay Paid. This track reminds me of Kid Cudi if he had an evil talented twin. Weed talk, night terrors, bi-polar disorder, sleek metallic beats, insanity. The main difference is that rather than wearing V-neck sweaters, Danny Brown brags about choking people in them. I will take this to assume that during his stay in Los Angeles, he steered clear of Rodeo Dr.  We are all the better for it.

Download: (via NWC)
MP3: Danny Brown-“Can’t Find My Mind”

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