December 26, 2010

Curren$y – “Hold On” Feat. Young Roddy and Trademark from Creative Control on Vimeo.

The Jets Crew win fathers of the year with their anti-Dr. Spock approach to parenting — Boston terrier vs. Pitbull skirmishes and spliffs the size of Saturn. The longer Pilot Talk 2 simmers, the more convinced I become that it’s the superior of the pair. Not only does the union of Ski & Shante feel smoother and more seamless, but his character has evolved into a stoned 70s secret agent type — James Bond in the Octagon with fuzzy dice and chest hair.

Moreover, the Jets line-up — Young Roddy, Trademark, and the rejuvenated Fiend may be the best crew of affiliates to emerge this year — for they all carry weed. Plus, I caught the Smoker’s Club spot a few weeks ago and DZA may have stolen the show. Let’s hope this video doesn’t get him Vicked.

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