January 3, 2011

Hi there. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, pop a forget-me-now, have a seat and relax. Those of you averse to an RSS feed may notice that the Passion of the Weiss looks very different today. In an attempt to be more professionally unprofessional, the staff robbed a truck full of Flemish immigrants fluent in web design and gypsy guitar. The abduction yielded a hilarious tale of international intrigue and cultural misunderstanding. As a result, this new and improved website graces your screen, Django Reinhardt is our spiritual hero, and Sach and I are no longer welcome in the Flanders region. Like Joe Public said, you’ve got to live and learn.

You may have also observed that the staff’s Tumblr and Twitter accounts are readily displayed in the right-hand side bar. Sadly, I too have succumbed to the evil temptation to Tweet, Tumble, and occasionally roll. In ten months, expect me to be uStreaming constantly, covered in MDMA, fur, velvet, and Ferraris. After all, everyone should dress as Cam’ron for Halloween at least once in their lifetime.

I’m not sure how many of you have been reading since I started this website five years ago. If you have, thank you for sticking around to hear my misanthropic generalizations, cracked prophecies, and occasional anti-Latvian rant. And if you’re new to the Passion of the Weiss, I can assure you that I am a huge Andris Biedrins fan. Either way, I hope you enjoy the new design, features, and same old bizarre humor. May you have a happy New Year and a wonderful national Oatmeal month.  Tallyho.

MP3: Dizzee Rascal-“Fix Up, Look Sharp”

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