January 4, 2011

I haven’t made it through the entirety of Mata’s Count Down to the 100 Day Theory, primarily because I’ve been hypnotized by “Heavily.” This was described by the Lungies as Burn One’s “most smoked out beat yet,” but the BPM’s mirror the pulse of someone drugged with quaaludes. And like a barbiturate overdose, the beat smolders and distorts, like watching a street pharmaceutical swap through a fun house mirror. PRGZ were the first to break out of Huntsville, but have been comparatively quiet of late, while G-Side and Jackie Chain (who appears on “Get Ya Weight Up”) have emerged as the chief recipients of fickle blogger love. But “Heavily” is the sort of track that makes you stop whatever you’re doing, spark a Swisher, and bob and weave to the woozy rhythms. The songwriting and delivery are impressive too– a hook worthy of Gucci Mane at his best and at 1:30, Mata suddenly starts singing like he was trying to write his own “Duffle Bag Boy.” And for my ounce’s worth, this is as close as anyone has come.

Via Traps N’ Trunks

MP3: Mata-“Heavily”
ZIP: Mata-Count Down to the 100 Day Theory (Left-Click)

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