Duh-Ha! Duh-Ha! You never thought that Sach O would make it this far.

January 9th 2006. Hipsterism was on the rise, Ghostface had not yet released Fishscale, Snap music was all the rage and the word “Dubstep” hardly meant a thing outside of a close-knit circle of Londoners and a couple of international early-adopters. That night 5 years ago, Mary Anne Hobbs made history by broadcasting her two hour “Dubstep Warz” special on BBC Radio 1, shining a light on London’s musical outcast and setting off a chain reaction that rocketed a low-key, uncool subgenre of British dance music to fame and infamy. In the 5 years that followed the music evolved, devolved, reinvented itself and shattered preconceptions about the musical discourse, who controls it and what kind of sounds appeal to and represent 21st century urban youth from London to Laos. Still, it’s rarely sounded as fresh and as vital as on that January night and one doubts it would have ever gotten this far had this 2 hour audio file not circulated across the net. For those of us living in North-America where the airwaves are a cesspool of conservative bigotry, shock jock stupidity and rigidly formatted pop garbage, this is proof positive that radio can still change the world.

Stream: Mary Anne Hobbs – Dubstep Warz (left click for Mixcloud)
MP3: Mary Anne Hobbs – Dubtep Warz (left click to download)

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