January 12, 2011

Sach O’s rocking Sean John long johns with a bubble goose.

Though we’ve never established a strict policy around here in regards to local coverage, there’s an unspoken agreement that geographically-specific concerns are to be considered sparingly. Momentous occasions such as Lakers victories in LA or incredible gigs in Montreal get the props but otherwise, we focus solely on widely available music for the benefit of our big, happy, interconnected readership. That said, I do get the occasional e-mail asking me “what the hell does one DO in Montreal during the winter?”

Seriously. I get those e-mails. OK, one e-mail. But it’s a pertinent question!

The answer of course being, WE DANCE. More specifically, we dance outside, snow or shine in weather so cold it only makes sense read in Celsius. Thrice a week, for the next 3 weeks, Montreal hosts one of the most unique events in electronic music, Igloofest where world class DJs come to play outside and unflappable crowds come out to boogie to the music. Why do we do this? Well one theory is that if the entire city dances at the same time, it might accelerate global warming. That might plunge a foreign city in the ocean, but at least summer would come sooner here. Another, more plausible theory is that it’s a lot of fun and the opportunity to get out of the house in this dreaded month of January makes winter here just a little more bearable.

I’ll be conducting interviews with artists who’ll be appearing at the festival over the next two weeks, asking them about what makes this festival so unique (as well as, you know, their music) but until then, here’s a couple of nights that are looking particularly promising if you happen to find yourself in Montreal during the dead of winter.

January 15th features Passion favorite deBruit whose Gallic take on Low End Theory’s blunted beats have previously been described by this writer as “a threesome with a Swedish and Thai chick.” Throw in up and coming Night Slugs affiliate Jacques Greene (as part of the Night Trackin’ Djs) and the Stanton Warriors and you’ve got yourself a Saturday. January 20th is bass-music night with Terror Danjah and Eskmo taking the stage to introduce wider Montreal to instrumental Grime and post-Dubstep respectively. Last year, Rusko’s appearance in -30 weather converted thousands of MTL residents into bass aficionados and I hope that these guys can do the same for Grime this year, if only because the idea of “Eski-beat at Igloofest” warms my heart. Finally, Ikonika and Poirier will be providing music best described as both “future” and “garage” on the 28th, bridging the gap between the Dubstep massive and forward-thinking house lovers.

Expect more coverage in the weeks to come including additional mixes, reviews and interviews. I will also be rating the hot wine on offer because that’s how we do.

MP3: Terror Danjah – Oldschool Dancehall Mix (left click)
MP3: Ikonika – Aqueous Cream (128KBPS preview copy)

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