January 14, 2011

Homeboy Sandman’s The Good Sun is for Chip Fu. It’s for Sticky Fingaz. It’s for Fatlip and to some extent, Busta Rhymes. If Homebody Sandman was from the 90’s, he’d be the charismatic funkafied live crazy rhymer in a group. The standout. The breakout star. The verse rewinder. The guy you sat through lesser characters on a posse cut in order to catch batting cleanup. On the mic, Sand is equally Dave from De La Soul, the likeable, clever everyman who isn’t afraid to sing and leave you guessing, and equally “Flight of the Bumble Bee”, darting in and out, up and down, around, and through any tempo, BPM, or pocket. There’s hundreds of unknowns trapped in the 90’s aesthetic. Sandman resurrects the “Oh shit!” jaw dropping reaction from listeners who listened to those emcees and thought, “Well…there’s just NO WAY I could ever rap”. Unlike loveable sixteen bar assassins of yesteryear, Homeboy Sandman doesn’t suffer going for solo. His virtuosity is so consistent it’s almost boring after 14 tracks. Placing anyone on a track next to him is futile; they will be forgotten. The Good Sun is substantive, full of introspective concepts, and created by a guy who just flat out loves to rhyme. But don’t get it confused; this ain’t hashtag rap, herb. — Zilla

MP3: Homeboy Sandman-“The Carpenter”

MP3: Homeboy Sandman – “Yeah, But I Can Rhyme Though”

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