Photo by Hong-An Nguyen

The above was stage left last-night at Igloofest while London-via-France producer DeBruit was rocking his Tropical, Afro-Beat inspired rhythms for a crowd of God-knows-how-many-thousand-people. I’d post another to give you an approximate idea of just how big that crowd was but our camera batteries froze shortly after arriving. Needless to say, the amazing sounds of “Nigeria What!?” were more than a little incongruous to our surroundings but the overall experience was fantastic.

If you ever have the opportunity to catch DeBruit live, do yourself a favor and attend by any-means necessary. Far too many producers these days crap out a poorly conceived set in Ableton-live and call it a day but Mr. Bruit is the real deal, seamlessly flowing through his own productions without letting all the software do the work. An unapologetic party rocker, his world beat ambitions succeed where most of his fellow cratediggers fail as he never lets his inner-record nerd get in the way of his set.  I’d planned to post up the man’s latest mix here but the Internet suggests that he hasn’t put out anything of that sort in a minute. No matter, it’s Sunday afternoon, I’m nursing a hangover (Guru+Jager shots off an ice bar=winning) and like me, you probably haven’t heard this old one anyways. Best appreciated with Hot Chocolate.

DeBruit –  Data transmission Podcast 92 (left click for Mixcloud)

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