January 17, 2011

Zilla Rocca will George the Animal Steele you and kill you.

I have never been to Columbus, Ohio. When I listen to Electric Purgatory 2 from Greenhouse (Blueprint + Illogic), I imagine the streets on TRON but smoldering in industrial ash, lined with holographic brownstones, trees smacking against the power lines, grandmom’s Cadillac sliding by with tinted windows rattling, headphoned hoodies sauntering by me bumping Illmatic and Vanilla Fudge. Flying under the eyes of tastemaskers and into the iPods of longtime fans of Weightless, Rhymesayers, Def Jux, and turn of the millenium indie hip hop fanatics, Electric Purgatory 2 wouldn’t sound right with barrells of acclaim and hype exploding in its path.

The production from Blueprint utilizes familiar lo-fi breaks and esoteric clips from psychadelic synthesizer chamber records aka the DJ PRZM technique (another longtime Columbus legend). “Hello World” subtly pays homage to Nas’ “The World is Yours” minus the true school flag waving and Pete Rock aping. “Keep it Live” with Aesop Rock, one of the best singles of the year, sounds like a hijacked outtake from The Cold Vein. “The Spin Cycle” features the illest synthesizer climax not generated by Hawaiian Twisted Fantasy operators with an overall running time that’s half short (7 tracks) and twice as strong. It’s hip hop for your inner steampunk set to Ruff Draft and “Altered States”. And that’s how I picture Columbus, Ohio now.

MP3: Greenhouse ft. Aesop Rock-”Keep it Live”

ZIP: Greenhouse–Electric Purgatory 2 (Left-Click, At Bandcamp)

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