January 19, 2011

One of these days, I’ll actually get through my planned “Bluffer’s Guide to Rinse FM”. Such ambitious plans will have to wait however as I’m currently feverish and delirious (I actually think I enjoyed Lil B’s album. Nuff said) due to some mysterious disease of arctic origin. Thankfully Grime DJs Elijah and Skilliam have come through with fresh content, which is to say a Mixcloud and download link to their last radio show with Philly producer Starkey and London MC P-Money.

For those who don’t keep up with the latest in London Pirate Radio, Elijah and Skilliam had an absolutely devastating 2010, bringing Instrumental Grime to the forefront and providing a prime platform for a funky new generation of London instrumentalists heavy on the funk and light on the wobble. Along with Oneman and a couple of other DJs on the station, their recent selection has been on the bleeding edge with the first hour of this mix serving as an apt primer for the uninitiated. As for Starkey and P-Money, the combination of a Philly producer and London MC may seem unlikely but no more so than a Philly emcee and a Seattle Producer. The resulting “Street Bass” (Starkey’ term, not mine) is a perfect for for those who prefer their rap Hardcore and direct. Now excuse, I’m going to go pass out in a NyQuil haze and I’m not talking about a new strain of weed.

MP3: Starkey & P-Money on Ellijah & Skilliam (left click)

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