January 20, 2011

Aesthetic by-laws require this song seeing the light of day (or its low-budget blog equivalent). The reasons are obvious. A superior flip of The Meters “Handclapping Song” (take that will.i.am.), shouts courtesy of M.O.P., and long-buried audio footage of Dilla and Madlib talking shit for three minutes. The track comes from the sessions from their unfinished sophomore album, and while no one will ever mistake these two for Tip and Phife, like many great producers, they understand the topography of their beats better than most rappers. And like Tip circa Amplified, they employ the breathe and stop approach to rhyming, pausing and then going in, splicing in film clips for interludes, hitting joints, operating as a lo-fi lo-rent Meth and Red.

Madlib’s 11th Medicine Show is out now and if you’re already a cultist, you don’t need my advice on what to do.

MP3: Jaylib – “Louder (Blast Your Radio Theme)”

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